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The staff members of Lenmark Gomsrud Linn Funeral & Cremation Services will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it's tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss.

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  • Understanding Cremation and Your Options
    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    We’re hosting a special program for consumers who have an interest in cremation. Get answers to your questions about cremation, green burials, celebrations of life and many other related topics. People choose cremation for many different reasons: - Simplicity - Lower Costs - Personal Preferences - Environmental Concerns Whatever your reason might be, it’s important to be informed about what you can and cannot do, what your costs might be, and who has the legal right to decide what happens at the time of death. We plan to start off with a 30 minute presentation, covering a variety of different subjects (see a list of topics on the reverse). We will spend the remainder of our time together answering your questions. After the program, you’ll have the opportunity to tour our building and/or our crematory. Read more

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